Announcing a 5th Ticket – Sunday Only

There’s something new and different at this year’s MusselFest! Some of the stores saw how much fun the restaurants had giving out chowder samples, that they wanted in on the fun! So, ON SUNDAY ONLY, seven shops will each provide a unique sample of an item they sell.

Musselfest Poster on the Whidbey Sea-Tac Shuttle

Have you seen this yet? Drivers between Oak Harbor and Sea-Tac airport are starting to see our new mermaid!  She’s gracing the back of one of the Whidbey-SeaTac shuttle vans.  So, from Oak Harbor to the airport and everything in between, commuters, truck drivers and everyone else will get the message that, yup, it’s again time for the Penn Cove …

The New Mugs Have Arrived

It’s official, the 2018 Penn Cove Musselfest Mugs are here and waiting for the big day!  There are the official tasting mugs that you’ll get when you buy a tasting ticket. 

Mussel Sinigang

Penn Cove Mussels pair up with Thai Bird Chilies and Tamarind to give the meal an Asian flair! Serve it with rice!

Penn Cove Mussels, Bacon, Sausage, Leeks

Penn Cove Mussels, bacon, and sausage!  You know you want this for dinner now!  The white wine offers a nice way to offset the big flavors from the other ingredients. It’s tastes like this one that makes Musselfest a “must” destination for food lovers.

Penn Cove Mussel Stew

This Penn Cove Mussel Stew is an amazing recipe courtesy of Elliott’s Oyster House. Marrying mussels with Andouille Sausage and adding ingredients like red chili flakes, poblano chilies and fresh basil makes this a stew even stew-haters will love.